Metal Halide Lamp

Tanning Lamp

Tanning Lamp (태닝 램프)


  • High pressure tanning lamps emit low percentage of UVB (less than 1%) compared to conventional
    low pressure lamps with a higher percentage of UVB rays (up to 9%).

    The higher values of UVB do initially cause the body to produce more melanin for a good tan,
    but the skin’s defense mechanism causes the skin to thicken to provide protection from the UVB. Also,
    the damaged skin exfoliates so the tanned look quickly disappears. Gentler UVA rays provide a healthy looking
    tan in as little as three 15 minute sessions with no protective thickening of the skin and no exfoliation,
    which can last for two weeks or more.


MH 1500

Spectral Distribution

suv 300-500, suv 400, suv 1000


suv 300-500, suv 400, suv 800-1000, suv 1000, suv 1000/H, suv 1400, suv 2000/H, suv 2400, suv 4000WL, suv 400/WL/B26, suv 600, suv 600/B26