Industrial Lamp

High/Medium Pressure UV Mercury Lamp

고압/중압 UV 롱 아크 램프 (High/Medium Pressure UV Mercury Lamp)


  • High/Medium Pressure UV Mercury Lamp uses the mercury's unique spectrum, and the center wavelengthof
    lamp light emission is 365nm and 435nm region (including 405nm). This product provides a wide-area
    scattered. light source which has a stable emission intensity. In particular, this product, using 320-440nm light,
    is applied to the coating, curing, and drying in LCD manufacturing process, and it is preferable for the coating
    thickness of 15μm or below ensuring uniform distribution of luminance.


  • ▪ Curing of Vehicle Headlights
  • ▪ UV automation system (General Application)
  • ▪ Ballast Water Treatment


60-HUV-025L161, 70-HUV-028L182, 80-HQUV-020L201, 80-HUV-040L202, 80-HUV-10L201, 90-HUV-028L212, 90-HUV-043L231, 100-HUV-030L251/P, 110-HUV-036L281, 110-HUV-055L281, 120-HUV-069L271, 120-HUV-036L301, 120-HUV-084L301, 120-HUV-150L301, 120-HUV-168L301, 130-HUV-004L331/SE, 130-HUV-016L331, 130-HUV-062L321, 150-HUV-038L381, 160-HUV-020L401/S, 160-HUV-080L401W, 180-HUV-047L441, 200-HUV-070L501, 270-HUV-068L681, 280-HUV-070L701