Industrial Lamp

Super High Pressure Short Arc Lamp

초고압쇼트아크 램프 (Super High Pressure Short Arc Lamp)


  • SHMA Mercury Lamp series is a durable high-luminance light source with stable emission strength.
    SHMA Xenon Mercury Lamp series (Deep UV Lamp) is a point light source with high-luminance.
    SHMA Xenon Lamp series has the continuous spectrum similar to the visible and infrared region of daylight.
    SHMA Metal Lamp series provides a high–luminance point light source even with low power.


  • ▪ Exposure for wafer, LCD, PCB, UV adhesion, Inspection (scratches on a glass or wafer), etc.
  • ▪ Projector, Solar Module, Searchlight, Fiber Lighting Device etc.
  • ▪ Used as the light source for inspection and analysis device.


SHMA 250/LT, SHMA 250/MI, SHMA 250/AF-T, SHMA 250/BY, SHMA 255/BY, SHMA 256/BY, SHMA 250/R, SHMA 250/AN, SHMA 250/HS, SHMA 350, SHMA 350/SA, SHMA 1000, SHMA 1000/O, SHMA 1000/U, SHMA 1000/SG, SHMA 1000/SI, SHMA 2000/PA, SHMA 200/Dy, SHMA 250/MH-DC, SHMA 250/MH-DC/IW, SHMA 250/MH-DC/N, SHMA 350/MH-DC, SHMA 400/MH-DC, SHMA 200/XM-N, SHMA 200/XM-E, SHMA 200/XM-HA, SHMA 200/XM-HO, SHMA 250/XM, SHMA 75/Xe, SHMA 150/Xe-HA, SHMA 150/Xe-HA/L, SHMA 500/XE-Y

  • * Products of other specification than those described above can be provided
    (The models above are representative ones)
  • * Please inquire about development request.
  • ShMa 250/lT
    SHMA 250/LT
  • ShMa 250/BY
    SHMA 250/BY
  • ShMa 250/Mh-DC
    SHMA 250/MH-DC
  • ShMa 2000Pa
    SHMA 2000PA
  • ShMa 250/aN
    SHMA 250/AN
  • ShMa 250/MI
    SHMA 250/MI