Industrial Lamp

High/Medium Pressure UV Metal(Fe) Lamp

고압/중압 UV 메탈(Fe) 램프(High/Medium Pressure UV Metal(Fe) Lamp)


  • High/Medium Pressure UV Metal(Fe) Lamp Series uses the metal’s unique spectrum (320nm~450nm)
    near the center wavelength 365nm of the lamp light emission.


  • ▪ LCD Edge Exposure
  • ▪ LCD Seal Curing / OLED Encap UV Curing
  • ▪ UV Curing of flat screen printing - Printing and coating of papers, PVC, P.P, PE, etc.


60-MFUV-072L152, 80-MFUV-010L21, 100-MFUV-065L251, 110-MFUV-046L291, 110-MFUV-077L281, 120-MFUV-015L312, 120-MFUV-016L301, 120-MFUV-030L301/S, 120-MFUV-090L301, 160-MFUV-096L402, 160-MFUV-176L402, 160-MFUV-180L402, 160-MFUV-240L402, 200-MFUV-100L501, 260-MFUV-07L65, 260-MFUV-09L65, 260-MFUV-100L641, 280-MFUV-070L701, 280-MFUV-100L701, 320-MFUV-050L811, 490-MFUV-050L1221/O, 630-MFUV-080L1481/O